Marcio and Damaris Garcia

I am not sure when that happened, but it was around 1990 when the chairman of the MBC missions committee read an article about our ministry on an American Missions magazine. He was somehow driven to contact Partners International and MBC started supporting us.  PI-US had never sent us a list of our supporters, so I only learned that MBC was supporting us years after, in 1995, I think (Gail will remember that day and she knows the name of that missions leader in Medinah – he lived long and passed away years ago).

Education:  (schools completed or studied at after high school)

Mechanical Engineering (not completed)
Bible College – Bachelor in Theology and Missions Several courses and seminars in Communication, Leadership, Administration, Counseling, etc

My dream is to give opportunity for people from all the remote islands and coast shores worldwide to get their chance of knowing about Jesus.


Reaching unreached fishing communities and islanders as part time during 1982 and 1983 and full time since January 1984.

In 1985 I took the initiative of making plans to found EMAF (Evangelical Mission for Assistance to Fishermen) – MEAP in Portuguese. Some others joined us along the months and in 1986 we founded the organization.

I became an itinerant evangelist for a while, so a church planter for some years. After that I became one of the Area Leaders, so the National Field Director. I have been the Executive Director for EMAF since the summer of 2000.