Ken and Denise Krup

For many years we have taken a summer vacation in the mountains in Colorado at a Christian Family Camp (Horn Creek). We have experienced God’s still small voice in the solitude and beauty that He created in the Rockies. We had considered “doing” ministry when we “retired” for over ten years – based on being blessed at “our” family camp week for many years.

Early in the 2002 year, Ken found he had been “workforce reduced” and needed work. After several “great” employment opportunities failed to produce a job – we started considering whether the Lord was calling us to ministry now instead of when we “retired”. Based on several “coincidences” we were certain the Lord was directing us to a career change and to the ministry of Awana and serving as missionaries in our “home area” of Chicago.The Lord moved us very swiftly through the application, review, and acceptance process at Awana. Less than one month after submitting our application we were accepted as missionaries for the newly created Chicago area territory. The Lord has repeatedly blessed us by continually confirming to us that we are doing what He wants us to do.
We continue to serve the churches in the Chicago area (for over 12 years) and to lead the Awana missionary team for Illinois and Wisconsin. Ken leads the six missionary couples and provides support to them and their ministry in Awana. Denise supports the ministry with training and supporting Ken.

We thank the Lord for you and pray His blessing on MBC!