Joe and Kelsey Testa

Kelsey and I had a growing conviction to leverage our life full time as missionaries as undergrads while at the U of I. We both experienced God building us up and using us as undergrads. As we wrestled in prayer over specific direction, we started
to become convinced that college campuses were (and still) are a tremendous mission field. We set our course in May of 1998 and have been laboring in this capacity ever since.

Today’s college campus looks very different than it did even in the mid 90’s. The issues have intensified as our culture has grown more and more secular. Today the buzz on campus is gender-neutral housing (where men and women room together, share the same bathrooms, etc). We’ve experienced a tangible difference even in the past couple of years. However, even as things grow darker in our culture, God’s good news of salvation through faith in Christ shines ever more brightly.

For many years now we have been doing similar work of evangelism, discipleship and leadership training in the context of planting and working in local churches on college campuses. Today we live in East Lansing, MI and work with a thriving ministry at Michigan State called EPIC. We lead and help disciple leaders in midsized groups in the dorms, do international outreach, teach and train – but we are passionate about being in the trenches the whole time.

Here are some updated prayer requests:

1.  Pray for the spiritual development of our five children, please pray specifically that our older children would learn to live out the gospel in our family and in their relationships outside of our house.

2.  Pray for the final recruiting for LT this summer.  LT is our leadership and missions program, where we invest a summer training young people and helping them learn to reach out to those around them.

3.  Pray for all the gospel opportunities that are in front of us and our students – that between now and the end of the semester the Lord would open up those conversations and we would have the opportunity to help bring in a harvest.

thanks so much!

Joe and Kelsey Testa