Don and Judy Hamman

Dec 2016 Hamman Newsletter

Commencing exactly on his 21st birthday, December 15, 1957, Don Hamman began to pastor as the founding pastor of what was later destined to become Medinah Baptist Church when it was legally recognized as such in 1961. Don and his wife Judy (who was vitally involved in Sunday School, Children’s Church and AWANA with children and high schoolers) poured themselves into the life and growth of this new church whose slogan was “The Church on the Grow!”  By 1976, when Don and Judy felt God calling them into a broader worldwide ministry with Operation Mobilization.

In the last 34 years in Operation Mobilization (OM) , the Hamman family (including  four children) lived, first in England, then the island of Cyprus in the Middle East and more recently, in the United States. Utilizing his particular gifts and past experience Don has always filled the role of Minister-at-large in OM.  This has involved constant travel to visit the many countries in which OM works. Don estimates that he has probably visited at least 95 countries in his ministry.  In addition to “keeping the home fires burning”  and providing a steady base for their teenage children, Judy accompanied Don on several trips to places like India, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, many South American countries, the Scandinavian countries and even to Russia and the Baltics, as well as most of Europe.  Both Don and Judy had extended ministries on OM’s first three ships, Logos, Doulos and Logos II.  For 8 years Don had pastoral responsibilities on Logos II which took Judy and him to that ship for two extended periods of time each year.