Denny and Arlene Norris

Denny was led to Christ by his mother at a young age. His parents are in the ministry and have greatly influenced his spiritual growth and character. Denny’s dad pastored Medinah Baptist church during Denny’s high school years. It was during that time that he sensed that God was calling him to full-time ministry. He began his training at Moody Bible Institute. During college, after a two month trip to Mexico with Practical Missionary Training, Denny begged the Lord to let him be a missionary to Spanish speakers in Mexico. After college, he took further training in seminary at the International School of Theology.

Arlene trusted Christ in 1982, one week before she left for a year of study in Spain. The Lord was using her choice of college majors (Spanish and music education) to prepare her for a future ministry. In 1988, the Lord called her to a one-year ministry opportunity in Mexico, solidifying in her heart His desire for her to be a missionary. After her missionary experience she took further training at the International School of Theology.

Denny’s dad met Arlene while she was doing ministry in Mexico. He took it upon himself to introduce Denny and Arlene. A year later… they were married.   Together Denny & Arlene with their 5 children served the Lord for 16 ½ years doing church-planting (evangelism, discipling and training leaders) in Mexico.   We are now in our second year of working with Hispanics on the north coast of Oregon.  In all of years of ministry we have never seen God draw people to Himself in such a wonderful way.  We are seeing Christ transform lives and we praise Him for letting us be a part His work.