Dan and Lisa Friesen


February 2016 Prayer Letter Friesen

Dan and Lisa Friesen were both independently pursuing God’s call to Bible translation when they met during linguistic training in 1991. Married in 1992, they completed basic linguistic training through SIL and joined RBMU (now World Team) in 1993. After the birth of their daughter Rachel during French Studies in Canada, the Friesens arrived in Cameroon, Africa in late 1997. By 1998, Friesens were situated in the village of Big Bekondo, where they have been ministering to the Oroko people ever since.

They minister with teammates Mike and Becky Scott through Bible translation and literacy. Working alongside Oroko language and inter-church committees, they are focusing their efforts on training translators and literacy workers. In 2010, the gospel of Luke was published. Plans are to publish Genesis and Acts in 2011. In 2001, both Dan & Lisa completed their MAs in Linguistics. Their son, Joshua, was adopted in Cameroon in 2007.